System Security Updates – Are They Really Necess… – Stop. Update Your Computer!


I come across an article every now and then asking if it really is necessary to update your system… and I can’t help but shake my head in rather disbelief. I mean – really? I stopped reading said articles because I want to forget how uninformed some people can be at times and then wish to pass their ignorance on to others. I don’t know if it is laziness or ignorance honestly. Updating your system is not as dangerous or much of an inconvenience like it has been in the past. And yes, you are only risking the life of your system, as well as endangering your own security if you are one who likes to ignore updates.

Notice how I am not referring to one particular operating system here. Usually this discussion revolves around Windows 7… or 8… and now 10. Here I am talking about all systems – including your precious MacBook that you think is indestructible with its alien technology. Stop thinking that way because it’s a myth. I mean the part about Macbooks being indestructible is a myth. Alien technology is clearly a thing, but anyway. robot-707219_1280Security risks (malware, spy-ware, viruses, etc.) are not nearly as common with Apple products or even Linux for that matter when both compared to Windows. This does not mean you should ignore system updates because it still happens.

I’m sorry? What was that? Listen, you have the time, you really do. Just save your work and take the measly five minutes out of your busy day that is takes to update.

Stop complaining. Stop the excuses. Stop procrastinating.


There are good reasons why you should keep your system updated. And in all reality, you should keep ALL of your software updated. Anti-virus programs, anti-malware programs, OS updates, you name it! We are all victims of seeing a notification for an update, and then pressing the “Remind me in 4 hours” procrastinator button. I admit, I have done it before. Some moments are just an inconvenience to update. But hours should not become days, or even weeks!

We live in a completely new world. Everything is connected to everything. Meaning, everyone is connected to everyone. I’m going to stop you from thinking only about yourself for a minute. I don’t even know you, but apparently your system is so unstable that it became a virus fest. binary-1414319_1920

Linking mad cow to everything you send out over the Internet, I somehow came within arm’s length of your misfortune. All because you wanted to be an independent wizard and muck the system. Luckily, my computer blocked your electro-bola because I’m smart and follow up on updates. But your lonesome soul and BFF Fidgety Francis who took your brave advice and refused updates as well decided to open up the Love Letter attachment and now the two of you are on your way to repeating the next mass virus like the My Doom worm of 2004.

I went down a different path there and I’m sorry, but things like this can happen. There are lots of reasons to stay updated, but here I cover the absolute most important.

New Viruses Every Day

According to CNN Money, as of 2015 there were almost 1 million new malware threats added to the Internet – daily. That is actually pretty scary, since a lot of malware tactics are intended to steal and/or distribute your personal information. And these were the numbers almost two years ago… in an ever-growing technological era. Hm.


Better Performance

Sometimes programs just clash with others. And the operating system in general can often have its moments. Computers are not bug proof, and that is another reason why there are system updates – to fix these issues that suddenly come up and to help keep your operating system running smooth and hassle free.

And then you have those poor souls who never update. This brings me to…

Becoming Overwhelmed At the Wrong Time!

There was a time when a computer was our only gateway to the world. Now we have cell phones and tablets that practically do the same thing as our laptop or desktop. A lot of people who primarily used their laptop or desktop for everything now use their cell phone or tablet, and only turn the laptop or desktop on when they need it, such as to print something for example. And this will be the case for months! This might not seem like a big deal, but I think it is.

Your laptop, for example, is not receiving updates while it is off. It isn’t receiving anything. And you keep that laptop in the corner collecting dust until months later when you need to print something really important. Time isn’t on your side so you are rushing! You turn it on and once it connects to the Internet all of your programs automatically look for updates, as intended. Most likely there are updates for everything and the data starts flowing – bogging down your system resources. Pop-ups all over the place telling you to update this, and update that. And in the background, Windows update (for example) is downloading about 150 updates as well! All you want to do is print a document but you can’t because your printing software is also out of date. Tablets and phones are great, people, but try to keep those desktops and laptops updated as much as you can. It will only benefit you in the long run.

The main point to all this jabbering is security. There are a lot of people out there who care about your information in all the wrong ways. Updates not only help against hackers, but also help with system stability. Your information is vital. Treat it that way. Keep up with the updates before the day comes when it’s too late to react.



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