The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part II – macOS


Today I will cover some of the advantages and disadvantages of macOS. The first, and most important advantage comes from my wife (a long time user of the Macintosh), who says “It is the best, but not for everyone. It is only intended for those who come of badassery descent.” I will be adding this to the summary. Like in the last posting, I will start with the advantages. Be sure to check out the first post on Windows if you haven’t already had the opportunity. So let’s get to it!

Security: This might be one of the top reasons why people love Mac so much. macOS is a two-layered system. It has a graphical user interface that sits on top of UNIX which is well-known for its great security. A lot of people think that a Mac is virus proof, and for a long time it seemed like they were. These days, it is simply not the case as they are prone to viruses. There are just not that many known viruses, possibly because it has a much smaller audience than Windows.

Useful Applications: Have an iOS device? If so, then a Mac shouldn’t be too difficult since it comes with the same applications that your phone or tablet uses for web browsing, photos, music, organization, etc.

Reliability: The stability of macOS is impressive. This is because Apple controls production of every piece of hardware from start to finish guaranteeing that everything will work together. With Windows you have many, many hardware manufacturers and sometimes hardware just doesn’t want to work together with other pieces of hardware. With macOS, you will see this very rarely, if at all.

Integrates with other iOS Devices: Why would it not? This goes hand-in-hand with reliability. Your iPhone, iPad, iPod – all made by Apple for a seamless integration with your Mac, and therefore guaranteed to work when you plug them in. You don’t have to sit there and wait for the driver to be loaded for it to work (or worry about the driver not being found, or worse – corrupt!).

Customer Support: In my last article I threw Microsoft under the bus because their customer support is known to be horrendous. The battle between Apple and Microsoft has gone on for a while, and will most likely last quite some time due to the loyal fan base of each. Back in 2014-15, SurveyMonkey came out with a benchmark product that looked at customer loyalty and satisfaction of Apple and Microsoft. To not much of a surprise, Apple came out very well in both customer satisfaction and loyalty while Microsoft faired rather poorly in both.

Build Quality: Apple is known for its superior build quality, party because they use a single piece of aluminum to make their MacBook’s. When you hold them, they are lightweight but solid. Sturdy. When you open them, there is no sense of jerkiness or binding of the chassis. This is something that you could come across with Microsoft products. This is just another reason why Apple is rated number one against its competitors for the past seven years in a row.

I might seem like I am a representative for Apple, but even the powerhouse competitors have their disadvantages. Here are the most important:

Price: This might be the number one thing that turns a lot of customers away. These MacBook’s are expensive. And over the past years it doesn’t seem like the price has dropped by any means. Maybe this is because Apple stands behind their product and knows its true value. Maybe it’s because they include the price of the preloaded software? Ehh, who knows? Either way, you’re most likely going to be paying close to 1.500 euros every time, if not more. But I will not say that it is not worth it, if you can afford it.

Gaming: Gaming is a huge market, and it will continue to steadily grow. You don’t hear much about gaming when it comes to Apple. That is because even though the MacBook’s are a very powerful machines, they are still not powerful enough to handle the graphic hungry games these days, and especially not 4K graphics. Virtual Reality is much more popular now, and according to the founder of the Oculus Rift, none of the machines offered by Apple are powerful enough. That’s why when most games are released, they are usually released for the PC first (or other gaming platform).

Lack of Upgrades: Personally, this is what deters me the most about Mac. Apple has become more lenient in allowing users to upgrade their Mac products. And apparently they offer more interchangeable parts than on a PC… but I’m not sold on this because on a PC you can interchange practically everything. Apple in general lacks major upgrade possibilities due to their product integration on a design and engineering level. You are able to upgrade your memory and your hard drive. And if you wish you can even replace the keyboard. On the Mac’s it is possible to upgrade to a better graphics card to play more modern games, but apparently it is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, even though it is much easier these days to upgrade certain parts on a MacBook, you will be forking out a lot more money compared to that of a PC.

Available Applications: And last but not least, you have the amount of available applications and hardware. Although macOS has become much more popular in the last ten years it still does not compete with other operating systems when it comes to available applications. Software needs to be approved by Apple if you wish to use them. A tool called Gatekeeper is responsible for making sure the programs you download can be trusted. On the other hand, there is a way download and open software that has not been ‘Apple-Approved’, but this software is not as trustworthy, not recommended, and should be taken at your own risk.

So – Good, Bad, or downright Ugly:

I asked my wife if she could give me her opinion on Mac, and this is what she had to say:

“These days you have the option: be a proud Apple disciple or hate it like poison. There is no in between. I used to work with Windows for about 10 years and even though I was not unsatisfied, I wanted a change. I bought myself a MacBook Pro in mid-2012 – the price was tough but I soon started appreciating the build quality of my new MacBook. And even though we had some rough times at first, I would say that I am a proud Apple disciple. Mac and Windows are two completely different operating systems – Mac has different structures, different tools or different shortcuts, for example. You definitely have to invest some time to figure out how things work with Mac and even though I did, I would still say that I am more familiar with Windows. I love the simplicity of Mac though: the ease to synchronize my iPhone with my Mac and having the same standard applications on both devices. While others cannot have enough apps, I think that Mac has a good range of available apps. I have not once had the problem that I could not find an (free) app for what I needed, but of course the user behavior is different from user to user. What I miss most is the fact that there is no simple ‘strg + X and strg + V’ (using cmd instead of strg) for folders available and I sometimes miss the Microsoft Office Picture Manager as I used it a lot for doing some simple edits (like cropping pictures).”

If you are a business person or student who is constantly on the move and likes to take your work with you everywhere – Mac is probably the thing for you. I personally like how macOS is a very stable OS. You don’t have to worry about BSOD or hardware incompatibility. I am a hobbyist though, and I like to build things. Gaming is also a thing I do when I have time. I would be limited to upgrading a MacBook or iMac. Basically, I would be stuck with just about the same hardware until I could afford to buy the latest MacBook with the latest technology. Sorry, but I would stick with my PC. In the case though of The Good, Bad, or downright Ugly – macOS is pretty good! J But if you want to use it, you need to come from badassery descent!


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part II – macOS

  1. the filesystem is pretty awful these days. i know it has its perks, but try moving a system from mac to backup to another platform– without buying special software to do it– im told this is nearly impossible.

    i cant imagine why. im not familiar with hfs, and ive used osx from the term and it seems fairly straightforward (its been years though– snow leopard?) but im told its far from it. for me thats the #1 reason i would steer clear of macs, after the drm and lack of linux drivers. but i still prefer (or at least used to prefer) osx to windows.

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  2. I’ve honestly never really understood the HFS on Macs. The only upside I saw to the HFS+ that replaced the original HFS was security. Then again, I’m not too familiar with HFS myself =). Apparently the new APFS has even better security and is more reliable. I think it comes out on new Apple products this year?

    Do you mind me asking what your primary OS is? And thank you for your feedback!


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